The Ford Mustang gets better each year, combining performance-tuned capability with the latest in safety and tech. Our team at Marmie Ford in Great Bend, KS takes a quick look at Ford Mustang tech features below.

The Lane-Keeping System

The Ford Mustang's Lane-Keeping System scans the road and the vehicle's position between lane markers. It issues alerts when it detects unintentional lane drifting or lane changes without signaling. A coffee cup icon appears in the illuminated instrument cluster if you drift out of your lane multiple times.

Navigate Reverse Like a Pro

Thanks to the Ford Mustang's Rear View Camera you can navigate reverse like a pro. The camera captures a pristine image of what's directly behind you, displaying it on the center dash. The camera even has a built-in washer to keep its lens clear of debris.

Voice-Activated Navigation

Keep your hands on the steering wheel with the Ford Mustang's Voice-Activated Navigation. It responds to simple voice commands, and it responds with easy-to-understand audible turn-by-turn instructions.

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