The 2022 Ford Escape is another vehicle that comes equipped with the full suite of Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety features. This standard package includes eight different high-tech safety features, so we here at Marmie Ford want to give you a little more information on some of them.

The Evasive Steering Assist in the new Ford Escape can help you avoid a dangerous accident as you drive around Great Bend, KS. The system automatically senses when you are steering to avoid a collision. The Ford Escape will then provide you with a little extra steering support to maneuver around the other vehicle.

The 2022 Ford Escape has three different systems working together to help you stay safely in your lane. The vehicle will vibrate the steering wheel and make audible alerts if you start to drift. If these alerts fail to get your attention, then the vehicle will automatically adjust your trajectory back to the center of the lane.

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