A Quick Look at the 2020 Ford Explorer

The new Ford Explorer is a class act and for good reasons. This particular SUV has a history that dates back throughout the decades. This three-row SUV can also be purchased from four available trims, including the XLT, ST, Platinum and Limited. Here are a few more details on the overall design.

First and foremost, the new Ford Explorer comes in a wide variety of exterior paints. This includes ingot silver, oxford white, magnetic, ruby red, burgundy velvet and more. This three-row SUV sports strong body lines that flow throughout the frame without any breaks. In addition to that, there are striking contours along the side-door panels. Depending on your trim of choice, this SUV will come equipped with badging. The interior's design is similar to its exterior with its open layout. The controls are also conveniently located for ease of use.

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