When Elegance Meets Strength: The 2019 Ford Edge ST

Out of all the performance SUVs that are on the market, few automobiles tend to standout. One of those automobiles just so happens to be the 2019 Ford Edge ST. This amazing SUV is actually the high-performance version of the standard Edge. Here's a better breakdown so keep reading.

The 2019 Ford Edge ST has independent front and rear suspension, Intelligent-all-wheel drive and traction control. All of these key components will create a synergistic effect when it comes to driving on various surfaces. Shifting through the gears couldn't be easier thanks to the SUV's paddle shifters that are mounted on the steering wheel. This amazing 2.7-liter engine supports EcoBoost technology. Consumers can expect to get as much as 335 horsepower. There's also 380 pound-feet of torque that's at your disposal. When it comes to sport SUVs, the 2019 Ford Edge ST has it all.

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