When you need a big pickup that’s built to last, you need the Ford Super Duty. This popular, full-size pickup is the most heavy-duty model ever produced by Ford. If you have real work to do in Great Bend, KS, you’ll like this truck.

How does a 95% high-strength steel frame sound? The Super Duty’s frame reduces flexibility while it amps up muscle, giving you superior towing capacity and the power to haul an impressive payload.

Ford has added sturdiness to the front end of the Super Duty with a solid front axle on the 4x4 trims. This gives durability during normal operations, and it lets the axle handle the extra weight of aftermarket equipment, like a front-end snowplow. We invite you to stop by Marmie Ford to test drive the Ford Super Duty. That’s the best way to truly experience the quality of this truck.

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