When searching for a van that has the space that you need for your family while still delivering a modern style, consider the Ford Transit Connect. The sliding doors on each side of the van are beneficial when you're trying to get several people in and out at one time. You'll also discover the smart technology features that make driving in Great Bend, KS a bit safer, such as Cross-Traffic Alert.

Cruise control features in the van are adaptive to your driving history so that you don't have to focus as much on setting the speed when you're driving. The Park Assist feature shows the areas around the van while you're trying to park so that you don't hit anything and so that you get in the space.

A pre-collision feature alerts you if there is someone crossing in your path or if there is another car that is within a close distance in front of your van. Marmie Ford can show you the numerous ways that you can arrange the seats in the van, which is a convenient feature as well if you're transporting several passengers and cargo.

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