Safety with Smart Features In the Ford Fiesta

While you're driving a Ford Fiesta, you'll feel like you're in a luxury vehicle with all of the smart features. Hill Start Assist comes standard in the vehicle so that it's a bit easier to make it up hills that you might be concerned about in Great Bend, KS. There's also a rear camera in the Fiesta that monitors everything behind you while you're in reverse.

Always remember to put your seatbelt on with the MyKey feature. Speeds are limited, and the audio system is muted until you buckle your seatbelt. Intelligent access is standard in the vehicle as well.

If there's a teen driver in your family, you can use one of the features to make sure the audio system is off while the driver is in the car. Lane assistance helps to keep you from drifting to another lane while you're driving. Marmie Ford can offer assistance in ensuring that all alerts work properly and that they are loud enough to hear.

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