The Ford Expedition Has Great Features for Cargo

While driving a Ford Expedition, you'll have convenient ways to manage and transport your cargo. This automobile has storage zones for bags, luggage, and sports equipment.

You'll never have to struggle to arrange groceries in the Expedition's cabin because there are 104.6 cubic feet of storage space behind the first-row seats. More real estate is found behind the second seating area and the third row. As a result, the Expedition has a total storage capacity of 121.5 cubic feet, and because this automobile has a four by four and a four by two configuration option, the process of stacking large cargo is never a hassle.

At Marmie Ford, there are many Ford Expeditions available for sale. If you want to check out some cabin features or take a test drive, stop by our dealership. We offer test drives in the Ford Expedition and proudly serve all potential buyers in the Great Bend, KS area.

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