Get More Done with the 2019 Ford Super Duty

Ford's 2019 Super Duty work truck brings best-in-class hauling power and enhances it with cutting edge technology. Backing up large loads and trailers can be a challenge, so Ford added features like Trailer Reverse Guidance to help drivers stay safe.

The Trailer Reverse Guidance technology included with the Super Duty gives you a split view of both sides of your trailer displayed on the center dash. The display adds guidelines that extrapolate how the trailer will move as you turn the steering wheel.

Ford also enhances the Super Duty with features like Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring, so you can check a trailer's tires without getting out of the cab. The Ford Super Duty's Adaptive Steering also adjusts the wheel's turning ratio to your driving speed. The result is safer steering on the freeway and more sensitive steering when backing up a trailer.

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