Performance Features of the Ford Fusion

As a popular midsize sedan, the Ford Fusion has room to stretch out thanks to its spacious design. The engine varies among trim levels but always offers excellent performance and fuel efficiency.

Little annoyances can become bigger problems when you're on a long drive. While most drivers are familiar with the common experience of having their steering wheel vibrate in response to road conditions, tire alignment or driving at certain speeds, no one really likes it. The Fusion eliminates this issue with its specialized steering wheel motor that reverses the vibration effect so you don't have to endure it on a road trip. This same system can keep your car from drifting to the left or right should you encounter a high wind. Dampening systems on each wheel help to smooth out your ride by adjusting to potholes and road inconsistencies.

If you'd like to know more, you can reserve a time to test drive a Ford Fusion at Marmie Ford Lincoln in Great Bend, KS.

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