Get Sophistication and Functionality with the Ford Taurus

Do you need a sedan for your weekly carpool and weekend vacations? The Ford Taurus is a great choice. The popular full-size sedan is a great car for singles and families. The design features will attract the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. From the outside, everyone will notice the aerodynamic shape and sophisticated appearance.

At Marmie Ford, we know drivers want a unique grille. The SHO models have a distinctive grille that is complemented by sleek chrome. You will be happy to run errands in Great Bend, KS. Whether you are driving at night or during the day, the Ford Taurus will always make a statement. The crisp lines give the vehicle a dynamic vibe.

The HID headlamps give the Ford Taurus SHO a glamorous look. When the sedan is in the automatic position, the headlamps will turn on when there is poor visibility. The headlamps will also turn on when the wipers are activated.

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