Towing Guide

You might have decided to finally purchase that boat you’ve been thinking about. Before you tow it, there are a few safety concerns you should investigate. The first is your vehicle’s towing capacity. That includes both the allowable towing and tongue weight. Once you’ve established that your vehicle, the tow hitch, and the trailer are compatible, you can move on to other safety aspects.

Look at the trailer itself to make sure that it can properly support the boat and secure it during the tow. Remember the tires and lug nuts. Inspect the lighting system. Verify that the tail and brake lights, as well as the turn signals, are functioning properly on both the trailer and your vehicle. It’s recommended to add towing mirrors to your vehicle for improved visibility.

If you’d feel more secure having someone else inspect your towing set-up, feel free to bring it by Marmie Ford Lincoln in Great Bend, KS. We’re happy to assist you with a safety check or any other vehicle maintenance.

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