Performance Features Standard in Your New Ford Fusion Energi

Now that we have plenty of the Ford Fusion Energi on the lot at Marmie Ford Lincoln, our team wanted to focus on a few of the features that have boosted the popularity of this plug-in hybrid.

The Ford Fusion Energi comes with a rear-view camera system for helping make driving in reverse a lot safer. Shift into reverse, then the center console information screen automatically will turn into the screen of the camera and give you a birds-eye view of everything that could come in your path as you travel backward.

The Lane-Keeping System in the new Ford Fusion Energi was designed to be the eyes on the road if a driver is distracted or tired. When the vehicle drifts out of the safety of the lane, the sensors identify this driving behavior and will start to vibrate the steering wheel in an effort to get the driver to correct the position.

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